social media in the online classroom

Another opportunity to create an infographic using Piktochart helped me to see the benefits of this ‘new to me’ platform. I enjoy the visual presentation of information and found the platform much easier the second time around. I like the playful images and icons available helped me find joy in this process. The various icons for social media helped me to create this presentation.

Let me know how you are using social media in your classes. Blogging and Twitter are by far my favorite platforms, but I am starting to see opportunities with TikTok and Instagram for sharing videos. Plus, they are just fun and sometimes we need to make sure we incorporate a little fun and not take ourselves so seriously.

And on that note…I’ll share my TikTok account…where I create #plantmom videos every so often. Don’t tell my teenagers…

Link to INFOGRAPHIC: tips for using social media in the online classroom

Published by Heather Zink

learning designer and technologist helping humans use technology while keeping tech humanized. in search of equity over equality

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